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Refer Your Friends

Don’t Keep Me a Secret

Dear Clients,

Over the years, many of you have asked me to speak with a friend, relative or colleague concerning wealth management strategies. I consider it an honor and a privilege, and have been more than happy to accommodate those wishes.

In the event that you know someone who would benefit from my services, please support me by telling them about my firm, Kirkendall Financial Services.

I pride myself on personal service, attentive attitude and professional standards.

I assure you, that if and when you would like me to speak with a friend, relative or associate that you can feel completely confident in introducing them to my firm. Working with referrals gives me more time to devote to our family of clients.

The highest compliment I can receive is a referral from one of my valued clients.

Thank you for your continued confidence and support.

Warmest wishes,

Steve Kirkendall

Do you have a friend, business associate or family member who is . . .

  • Retired?
  • Within two years of retirement?
  • A business owner?
  • Needs financial assistance?
  • Or feel that they could benefit from our services?

Please give me a call today to set up a referral meeting with, yourself and your guest. You can reach us at (360) 256-5106 or (503) 246-7351. I look forward to meeting your referral!

Thank you for your continued support by spreading the word about my firm, Kirkendall Financial.