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Previously On the Radio For 15 Years

Steve Kirkendall On KPDQ Radio For 15 Years

During the 15 years he was on Lew Davies’ LiveLine radio show, Steve became an institution on the radio in Portland. Why?

Steve would take eight to twenty callers per one-hour show. He took all incoming calls and took them all seriously. He could encapsulate what the issue was, outline several different ways to approach it, and explain everything in terms the caller could understand. He’d let them take it from there. He never said “buy this stock” or “put this much in this area…” because Steve won’t give financial advice without a full understanding of the caller’s personal situation.

LiveLine was an audience-driven show where the callers drove the agenda. Steve never knew where the calls were coming from. Many planners would never subject themselves to this type of program because they might get a question they couldn’t answer. Steve took every call which came in.

Thankfully, in 15 years of taking calls, Steve never received a call from a disgruntled client who could have vented their frustrations to 30 to 40 thousand people!