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Avoiding Gutterballs

Why Bowling is Like Planning For Your Retirement

An avid bowler, Steve can help you avoid the many “gutter balls” of planning for your retirement.

Some people save too little or take too little risk to get the returns they need. Others take on too much risk so money is lost when they’re too old to earn it again. Others retire too soon and risk running out of money during the latter years of retirement.

Steve often tells his clients that “working just one or two more years can add as much as 10 years of retirement income on the backend. Better to know you’ll be short at 80 years NOW and work a couple more years than find out when you’re 80 and it’s too late.”

No bowler averages 300. You want someone who has experience and a track record of consistent high performance…Steve held a 200+ bowling average for over 20 years. And he did roll a 300-game and has the ring to prove it!

So whether you are planning your retirement or bowling with some friends on a Saturday afternoon, keep the ball rolling down the middle of the lane and avoid those gutter balls!